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Are you a South African Woman?

Do you want to create the life and business of your dreams? YES! Let's do it!

This Exclusive Membership experience will transform your life. HOW? You'll have personalised coaching sessions with an experienced Spirit & Business Coach, you'll be invited to unique experiences and adventures with inspiring women, workshops, talks and face-to-face events with a network of like-minded Female Entrepreneurs. 

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By Invitation Only. Spots are limited. 

“We rise by lifting others”

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Live Coaching with Ghia: 1 on 1


Ghia will guide and provide personalised support both in Spirit (Mindset) & Business (Strategy), dependent on what you need. Everyone is unique and so are these sessions. Ghia is an experienced Strategist and Communications expert, having coached hundreds of entrepreneurs. Her discussions with you will define the way forward for your Brand, Marketing and Sales.

*If you are in Cape Town, Somerset West or Stellenbosch they can be face to face, if not, Video calls are great too.


Live Events, Adventures & Workshops

You'll be invited to intimate lunch sessions & talks with private chef's and events at incredible venues will be hosted in Cape Town, Somerset West or Stellenbosch. Join and meet like minded women as we Celebrate & Collaborate with each other. 

People, relationships & connections are everything in life & business. The quality of the people in your network, community and email list directly affects the quality & success of your business & life.

“Your network is your net worth”
Let’s make friends & make business fun!


Digital Support, Guidance & Tools:

Including access to my library of Ebooks, Checklists & Templates. Including fun Monday Motivation Mailers, interviews & webinars. 

With these 3 things, you & your business will THRIVE!

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